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Med Chem and drug design 2021

Sep 1, 2021 |
We take the privilege to welcome Speakers, Delegates and Exhibitors from over the globe to lead “21st International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design” be held during November ... Read more

Global Conference on Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research

Dec 12, 2021 |
On behalf of Scientex Conferences we cordially invite you to attend “Global Conference on Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research” on November 14-16, 2022 at Paris, France. It mainly focuses on the ... Read more

Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber

Dec 12, 2021 |
As a research scientist, doctor, lab assistant or any individual involved in culturing microorganisms and finding causes and remedies of diseases, and developing medicines, you require a constant ... Read more

Best Call Detail Record Analysis | Connectel

May 13, 2022 |
Fill out the form with your Contact Connectel representative if you are interested in investigating whether or not a Call Detail Record analysis would be beneficial for your business. We will conduct ... Read more

Best Physical Evidence In Forensic Science

May 15, 2022 |
If you're looking for high-quality solutions to your physical forensic lab service needs in Delhi, India, ConnecteL.in is the place to go. Our scientific experts are able to deliver exceptional ... Read more

OMAL : Chlorinated Paraffin Wax (CPW) - Importers & Suppliers of Chemicals in India

May 17, 2022 |
Purchase spectacular cpw chemical at Alibaba.com and experience awesome efficiency. The cpw chemical are available at captivating promos that are simply irresistible. ... Read more


May 17, 2022 |
omal Industries excels as a reputed organization engaged in the manufacturing & export of Chlorinated Paraffin, Hydrochloric Acid, Pipes and Plastigold. ... Read more

Industrial raw materials

May 29, 2022 |
Parnchem is World’s First Global E-Distributor of Industrial Goods! We strongly believe that the Internet would level the playing field by enabling small and medium businesses to leverage innovation ... Read more

Material Science Conference

Jul 11, 2022 |
We are proudly announcing the 7th international conference on Material Science and Engineering which will be held on November 14–15,2022, in Paris, France. Material Science 2022 focuses on building ... Read more

ECHEMI | Oxytetracycline hydrochloride

Oct 5, 2022 |
Oxytetracycline hydrochloride is a salt prepared from oxytetracycline taking advantage of the basic dimethylamino group which protonates readily to form the salt in hydrochloric acid solutions. The ... Read more

Adrenochrome - ECHEMI

Oct 21, 2022 |
Get to learn about Adrenochrome. The overall knowledge and encyclopedia of Adrenochrome covering characteristics, In a recent report concerning the reversibility by chlorpromazine of psychoses induced ... Read more

Racing cars usually run on methanol instead of traditional gasoline

Oct 28, 2022 |
If you want an alternative fuel, consider using methanol. Racing cars usually run on methanol instead of traditional gasoline. Methanol's ability to power racing cars at high speeds in a short period ... Read more

Adrenochrome also produces a large number of free radicals

Oct 30, 2022 |
Adrenochrome also produces a large number of free radicals, causing oxidative stress and eventually depleting the schizophrenia antioxidant defense system, resulting in deficiency of glutathione ... Read more

16th World Congress on Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry

Oct 30, 2022 |
Welcome and warmest wishes! On behalf of the Allied Academies Conferences and Chemistry Community, it is my great pleasure to welcome all of the participants and guests to the 16th World Congress ... Read more

ECHEMI | Lithium carbonate (Li2CO3)

Nov 8, 2022 |
Lithium carbonate is a white monoclinic crystalline solid. Typically for carbonates, lithium carbonate reacts with acids stronger than carbon dioxide or carbonic acid to yield the lithium salt of the ... Read more

Hot Dip Galvanising Chemicals Suppliers in UAE

Nov 11, 2022 |
Al Taher Chemicals are Hot Dip Galvanising Chemicals Suppliers in UAE. Our company is a leading supplier of hot dip galvanising chemicals in the UAE. We provide high-quality hot dip galvanising ... Read more

Concentrated sulfuric acid is extremely corrosive and dangerous

Nov 14, 2022 |
Concentrated sulfuric acid is extremely corrosive and dangerous. Therefore, water is added to dilute the concentration. This is called dilute sulfuric acid. Dilute sulfuric acid has the same molecular ... Read more

ECHEMI | Magnesium phosphate (Mg3(PO4)2)

Nov 15, 2022 |
Magnesium Phosphate (Mag Phos) is the painkiller of the cell salts. It is taken against pains and cramps. It is the eighth of the twelve cell salts and has been called the "homeopathic aspirin" ... Read more

Preparation of magnesium phosphate

Nov 17, 2022 |
The preparation methods of magnesium phosphate are as follows: By the reaction of magnesium with phosphoric acid: Magnesium phosphate is produced when magnesium metal reacts with phosphoric ... Read more

Why is CrCl3 acidic?

Nov 20, 2022 |
Why is CrCl3 acidic? I know it has a very high charge density because it's a transition metal ion and can therefore polarize neighboring water molecules, leading to hydrolysis and H+ formation. ... Read more

ECHEMI | Propofol

Nov 22, 2022 |
Propofol is a phenol resulting from the formal substitution of the hydrogen at the 2 position of 1,3-diisopropylbenzene by a hydroxy group. It has a role as an intravenous anaesthetic, a sedative, a ... Read more

Trenbolone is a synthetic anabolic steroid

Nov 24, 2022 |
Trenbolone is a synthetic anabolic steroid that is widely used worldwide. Generally, it works by mimicking the body's natural testosterone and HGH hormones. In general, most fitness enthusiasts prefer ... Read more

Paraffin wax is obtained from petroleum by dewaxing light lubricants

Nov 27, 2022 |
A colorless or white, somewhat translucent, hard wax consisting of a mixture of solid straight-chain hydrocarbons and having a melting point of about 48° to 66°C(120° to 150°F). Paraffin wax is ... Read more

PhlD is proposed to condense three malonyl-CoAs to form phloroglucinol

Nov 29, 2022 |
Phloroglucinol is known for its broad-spectrum antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anthelmintic, and phytotoxic activities. 2,4-Diacetylphloroglucinol (2,4-DAPG), produced by plant-associated ... Read more

ECHEMI | (-)-chiro-Inositol

Nov 29, 2022 |
Myo-inositol is an inositol having myo- configuration. It has a role as a member of compatible osmolytes, a nutrient, an EC (phosphoinositide phospholipase C) inhibitor, a human metabolite, a ... Read more

Chemicals Suppliers in UAE

Nov 30, 2022 |
Top Polymers FZC is a company which is known for its great quality of products and services. Top Polymers FZC has been in business for many years, providing high-quality industrial chemicals to ... Read more

Electroplating Chemical Suppliers in Dubai

Dec 2, 2022 |
Al Taher Chemicals is one of the leading electroplating chemical suppliers in Dubai. We provide a wide range of high-quality products at reasonable prices to our customers. We are known for our ... Read more

ECHEMI | Triphenylmethanol

Dec 6, 2022 |
Triphenylmethanol (also known as triphenylcarbinol, TrOH) is an organic compound. It is a white crystalline solid that is insoluble in water and petroleum ether, but well soluble in ethanol, diethyl ... Read more

ECHEMI | Barium hydroxide

Dec 13, 2022 |
Barium hydroxide are chemical compounds with the chemical formula Ba(OH)2(H2O)x. The monohydrate (x =1) is known as baryta, or baryta-water, it is one of the principal compounds of barium. This white ... Read more

It is the bromine analog of sodium hypochlorite

Dec 14, 2022 |
Sodium hypobromite in inorganic compounds with the molecular formula NaOBr. It is commonly available as the pentahydrate, so what is commonly known as sodium hypobromite has the molecular formula ... Read more

Some straight and curly hair products contain ammonium sulfite

Dec 16, 2022 |
Ammonium sulfite is a colorless crystalline solid. The main hazard is a threat to the environment. Immediate steps should be taken to limit its spread to the environment. It is used in the manufacture ... Read more

ECHEMI | Isoamyl alcohol Safety Data Sheets

Dec 20, 2022 |
Isoamyl alcohol is a colorless liquid with the formula C5H12O, specifically (H3C–)2CH–CH2–CH2–OH. It is one of several isomers of amyl alcohol (pentanol). It is also known as isopentyl ... Read more

Laboratory reagent: Potassium permanganate powder for sale

Dec 21, 2022 |
Potassium permanganate is used as a reagent in a variety of chemical reactions, often as an oxidizing agent. It is also used in the production of a variety of chemical compounds, including dyes, ... Read more

The supply of propane cannot be easily adjusted to meet growing demand

Dec 26, 2022 |
Due to the by-product nature of propane production, the supply of propane cannot be easily adjusted to meet growing demand. About 90 percent of propane in the United States is produced domestically. ... Read more

Methanol is often used as a denaturing additive for industrial ethanol

Dec 28, 2022 |
Due to its toxicity, methanol is often used as a denaturing additive for industrial ethanol. The addition of methanol exempts alcohol excise taxes on industrial ethanol (often referred to as ... Read more

Selank also stimulates the release of interferons

Dec 29, 2022 |
Selank also stimulates the release of interferons, which are antiviral molecules. Selank belongs to a class of molecules known as synthetic peptides. Selank is made by combining a peptide sequence ... Read more

Trenbolone subtly enhances the production of IGF-1 in the body

Jan 4, 2023 |
As the body produces more protein, more nitrogen begins to be deposited, since protein is a product of nitrogen-rich amino acids. This is called a positive nitrogen balance. Now, when you're in this ... Read more

ECHEMI | Calcium chlorate

Jan 4, 2023 |
Calcium chlorate appears as a white crystalline solid. It forms a very flammable mixture with combustible materials and this mixture may be explosive if the combustible material is finely divided. The ... Read more

Phloroglucinol reductase uses dihydrophloroglucinol

Jan 5, 2023 |
Phloroglucinol reductase uses dihydrophloroglucinol and NADP+ to generate phloroglucinol, NADPH, and H+. It is found in the bacterial species Eubacterium oxidoreducens. The symbiotic ... Read more

Adding 3-pentanone to n-heptane to test

Jan 6, 2023 |
3-Pentanone has been measured in the temperature range 1250-1850 K at a reflected shock pressure of 1 atm (±2%) at an equivalence ratio of O2 mixture to fuel concentration of 0.5-2.0 in argon The ... Read more

Layered mesostructured calcium phosphate was prepared using phosphoric acid

Jan 8, 2023 |
Calcium acetate monohydrate was a common starting material for the synthesis of acetone prior to the development of the cumene process due to its low cost: Layered mesostructured calcium phosphate ... Read more

3-methyl-1-butanol (3MB) from captured CO2 via photosynthesis

Jan 9, 2023 |
PCC6803 (PCC6803). a Biosynthetic pathway for the production of isobutanol and 3-methyl-1-butanol (3MB) from captured CO2 via photosynthesis in PCC 6803. A CcaS/CcaR two-component system derived from ... Read more

Graphene oxide-SnO2 composites.

Jan 10, 2023 |
Thicker layers doped with Sb or F ions are conductive and can be used in electroluminescent and photovoltaic devices. SnO2 is used in combustible gas sensors, including carbon monoxide detectors. In ... Read more

Methyl vinyl ketone manufacturers

Jan 10, 2023 |
Methyl Vinyl Ketone, a colorless liquid that has a pungent smell, is called Methyl Vinyl Ketone. It is used to synthesize plastics, steroids, and Vitamin A. Methyl Vinyl Ketone is listed on the ... Read more

ECHEMI | Selank

Jan 11, 2023 |
Selank is a nootropic, anxiolytic peptide based drug developed by the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Selank is a heptapeptide with the sequence ... Read more

RU58841 was tested as a potential treatment for androgenetic alopecia

Jan 12, 2023 |
RU58841 can be purchased online, but it's best to check the company's history before ordering. Most sources do not have good quality control records and do not provide third-party test results. ... Read more

BenchChem supplies high quality Selenium Tetrafluoride

Jan 15, 2023 |
BenchChem supplies high quality Selenium Tetrafluoride suitable for many research applications. Different packaging options are available to meet customer requirements. Selenium tetrafluoride is the ... Read more

The two anhydrous lithium acetate polymorphs were also compared

Jan 16, 2023 |
Lithium acetate is a very common salt with a wide variety of uses. Despite this, only two compounds are ostensibly known, the anhydrous salt and lithium acetate dihydrate, but only the latter has been ... Read more

Hormones and Antibiotics Testing Laboratory | Hits Lab Dubai UAE

Jan 16, 2023 |
Hits-Lab is the leading service provider in Hormones and Antibiotics Testing Laboratory in Dubai UAE. Food, Feed, Supplements, and Beverage Products require rigorous testing to determine their ... Read more

ECHEMI | D-Fructose, 1,6-bis(dihydrogen phosphate), calcium salt (1:2)

Jan 18, 2023 |
D-Fructose 1,6-Biphosphate is essential for glycolysis to occur efficiently. It links to adenine nucleotides which regulate 6-phosphofructokinases (Pfks) that catalyze one of the rate limiting steps ... Read more